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With GitHub Actions you don't have to do boring tasks manually ever again

It’s not necessary to spend hours setting up your automation pipelines. Check out this guide and spin up a GitHub Action for your favorite stack fast—like Stack Overflow copy & paste fast.


You need to know how to create slick iOS widget in JavaScript

It’s not a long time ago when creating an iOS app or widget was solely available only for Objective-C or Swift developers with a solid Apple dev background (and of course, macOS device for development). These days, with a Scriptable app, it's possible to create a native iOS widget even with basic JavaScript knowledge.


Why should .NET developers be interested in Jamstack?

If you’re a .NET or C# developer, the Jamstack approach to building websites might have fallen off your radar over the years. With the development of the Jamstack ecosystem, now might be the right time for you to build on a Jamstack architecture and utilize all your well-deserved .NET skills.